Joining the Indian cooking blog club!

Hi Everyone,

I am a sort of new to cooking (translated as never cooked before my marriage :-)))!!) but am very interested in trying different kinds of tasty dishes from various cuisines around India and the world. In recent times many of the great cooking blogs like the famous Mahanandi, Hooked on heat etc,have come to my rescue with their fantastic collection of recipes!!!. Earlier,whenever I needed to cook a traditional dish for an occasion or festival, my greatest recipe source were either my mother, mother-in-law or sister. Hence I thought that I should start a blog to share all their original tasty recipes along with my modifications!I must admit it also gives me great pleasure to join all the wonderful cooking blogs around the world.

I look forward to sharing my culinary successes as well as failures so far!!!

I will post my first recipe soon.
See you all soon



  1. Meena said

    Welcome to the food blogging world!! Thanks for your kind words, I truly appreciate you following my blog.

    It’s always fun to see new Indian blogs coming up everyday. Indian cuisine has such a vast selection that even if we had blogs representing every state, it still wouldn’t do enough justice! Can’t wait to see what delicious mouthfuls you have instore for us!

  2. nalu123 said

    Hi Meena,

    It is a wonderful surprise to see your immediate reply. You are right, till I started checking out the blogs I didn’t even know half the great dishes that the Indian subcontinent boasts of. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  3. Nandini said

    I remember when I would be giving you recipes / tips – Yesterday I tried your recipe for bhindi bhaji and it came out awesome – My husband was going gaga over it! Do post that when you find time…..I’m looking forward to checking in regularly with recipes…Great job on the webpage!

  4. Pinal said

    Hi Nalini,

    It is really wonderful that you started this blog. Now it would be easy for me to make South Indian recipes which you usually describe to me when are travelling together.

    Keep it up.


  5. Nalini said


    Great that your hubby liked the Bhindi subzi…Will try and blog it soon. Thanks for the great response.

  6. Nalini said


    yes, I look forward to blogging some of your recipes too.

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