Amma’s Pesarattu

The first time I tried to swirl dosa batter in concentric circles on the tava(skillet)was a disaster!! The batter stuck to the skillet and wouldn’t come off. Finally I had to abandon the whole operation and make idlis with the batter. That the idlies turned out to as hard as rocks is another story:-))…Anyway I immediately called my amma for help!..She suggested that I try persarattu since it is tasty even when it is made thick and my journey into the world of dosas,adai and pesarattu began thus. After a few attempts, the pesarattu really shaped well and from then on it became one of our favourite tiffins at home. It also involves only about 4hrs soaking time. I always soak the the dal and the rice before leaving for work so that when I get back I can look forward to hot pesarattu from freshly ground batter for tiffin/dinner. I make them with green moong dal or whole moong dal or sprouted moong. Below is the recipe of pesarattu made with green moong dal.

To soak separately for atleast 4 hours

1 cup rice

1 cup green moong dal

Grind the rice coarsely with a 1/4″ ginger piece,2-3 green chillies and salt

After removing the rice, grind the dal to a smooth paste and mix it thoroughly with the ground rice mixture.
Swirl the batter in a hot,clean skillet and drizzle 1/2 tspoon oil around it. After 2-3 minutes of cooking it in high heat turn the pesarattu over and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Fold it and serve with peanut chutney. I made Indira’s Peanut Chutney and it was a grand tiffin for us on Saturday.


1. The skillet needs to be very hot if not then the batter will not swirl around easily

2. Patience is a necessity when making this dish.If we try to turn the batter before it is done then it either sticks to the skillet or is not well done on one side.

3. clean the skillet with either a wet cloth/tissue or onion slice before starting the next pesarattu

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