A Fantastic Thanksgiving Feast!

I have been really lax in blogging since Thanksgiving. We had been to our friends, Gayathri and Shankar’s place in L.A. We stayed with them and went around L.A. and San Diego. We had a fabulous time sight seeing and literally hogging the delicious meals that they cooked for us! On Thurday afternoon we had a sumptuous and mouth-watering south Indian lunch. We tucked it all in with gusto. Below is the picture of the spread that they cooked!!!


Starting clockwise from the small bowl on the left: Potato curry, Moor Kuzhambu(like kadhi/Buttermilk stew) ,appalam(papads),Puli Kuzahmbu(Tamarind stew),kootu-curry,Cabbage-carrot curry with coconut,Tomato rasam and in the center is my favourite dish which is Taro root fry! We had rice which is not included in the photo.

Dinner was an Italian meal of mushroom ravioli in Alfredo sauce garnished with sun dried tomatoes,A huge,tasty veggie pizza and a light salad in the side. To top it all we had the scrumptious cheese cake ,which Gayathri had posted earlier here, as dessert. It was a wonderful,cheesy, meal. Man, we had an amazing time there and of course foodies that we are, the food added to our joy!!:-))

Mushroom ravioli in Alfredo sauce garnished with sun-dried tomatoes.


Veggie Pizza and the salad(you can see the edge of the salad bowl in the picture)

Added to these appetizing home cooked food we also gorged ourselves during our trip to San Diego the next day and so now we are strictly on diet of sandwich,soup and salad!!:-(((


  1. Trupti said

    Wow…what a great lunch menu! very authentic..and the Italian meal looks divine! Glad you enjoyed yourself.


  2. Viji said

    Nalini, looks very nice and hope you enjoyed it well too. Viji

  3. Nalini said

    Hi Trupti,
    Yes, we had a great time there. Thanks,

    Thanks, and yes, it was wonderful. I am not able to comment in your blog since it does not accept a non-blogger id. anyway your blog looks great. I especially liked your vadas!!

  4. Asha said

    WOW! Nalini, that meal is mouthwatering! Glad you enjoyed your feast:)

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