Couscous revisited!

When Hua, who rides the vanpool to work with me, said that though she loved looking at the colorful couscous recipe pictures in my blog, she didn’t know/use half the ingredients I used, my friend Pinal suggested this versatile couscous recipe with “American Friendly” ingredients!! It is a very simple and flavorful recipe, especially wonderful to cook if one is dieting, which btw we are supposed to be doing!!:-)).

I sort of adjusted Pinal’s recipe with whatever I had in my pantry. here goes the recipe:

Serves 4

1/4 cup onions sliced lengthwise

1/2 cup of frozen vegetable, I used Tuscan style veggies which had cauliflowers, bell peppers, mushrooms and celery

1/4 cup of broccoli (optional)

2cups couscous

2 cloves of garlic minced

1tsp olive oil

1/2tsp of dried oregano (can also use fresh/dried parsley,fresh/dried basil whichever you have in the pantry)

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (optional)


Cook the couscous according to the instructions in the packet. I used plain couscous, while Pinal used whole wheat couscous from Trader Joe’s. Fluff it up with a fork to prevent the grains from sticking.

To 1 tsp of oil taken in a wok throw in the onions,and the garlic. cook for a minute then add the frozen veggies. sautee in high for about 3 minutes taking care not to burn the garlic. Once the veggies are half cooked (the crunchiness should still be there), add the salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Mix the couscous with this and garnish with dried herbs. Serve with soup.


Our diet dinner:Couscous with Sweet corn soup


  1. Asha said

    Hi Nalini, Cous cous looks great.Simple but delicious! You can use Bulghar wheat too.It is similar but grains are thicker and brown I think.

  2. Sumitha said

    Nalini I loved the sandwich and pulao recipe,will try them soon!

  3. krithika said

    Couscous looks lovely !

  4. Nalini said

    Asha, I have never used Bulghar wheat, will try it now. Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks Sumitha, do try it.

    Thanks Krithika.

  5. Lakshmik said

    I am going to try it soon.

  6. Trupti said

    Very healthy recipe Nalini…thanks!

    All best for the holiday season,

  7. Priya S&S said

    Love couscous, I usually make plain garlic and butter couscous with grilled chicken. Yous seems to be a healthier version. Will try it out soon.

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