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Beautiful Brunch on Sunday!

I have been wanting to post this for a month now but as usual I caught the ‘periodical procrastination monster’. It went to such an extent that I haven’t blogged for two months!!!. Anyway my indolence would’ve persisted but for the fact that sitting in my inbox was this wonderful picture of delicious poori and saagu!!!…ok, let me explain,it all happened when one Sunday morning,a couple of months ago, our friends Thipps and Vinutha invited us for brunch, which we accepted with alacrity. Of course I was doubly happy because I could avoid cooking at least one meal and also get to taste good home made food!!!:-)). So we had a great brunch of Poori’s, Saagu,chutney, finished the meal with a delicious dessert of kesari baath and also had a good time playing with their cute two year old daughter. Before we started to polish off the spread I requested Thipps to click a photo of the food so that I could post it here in the blog. Well, a couple of weeks later, we met them again and I remembered to ask them to send the photos. Vinutha promptly did so and since then the ball(picture) has been in my court!!!….Finally I decided enough is enough and so scroll below for the mouth watering pics.


Kesari baath, pooris, coconut chutney and saagu (Clockwise starting from top left)

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